Our bureau is free to support you projects, accelerate, facilitate and improve your business operations. Composed of experienced people, they provided services in the field of mechanical engineering and construction. For many years we have been involved in: 3D modeling, technical documentation, 2D drawing, rendering, animation, consulting and design.
If you need project support or download the entire project for yours from scratch, complete we are at your disposal.


3D Modeling

Creating 3D models of parts and assemblies of various mechanical and electrical engineering projects. 3D models are made in standard CAD (SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo-ProEnginee) electronic formats. Creating 3D models of individual parts and assemblies based on existing sketches or drawings, developing and constructing products based on customer requirements and visualizing them in 3D space. Processing 3D models by rendering for a more realistic visual presentation suitable for presentations.


3D Printing

Creating a 3D model using a 3D printer according to your ideas, sketches and designs.If you do not have the 3D model of the desired object drawn, it is possible to draw and then draw based on your idea, sketch or old damaged model.Prototype Protected Plastic Product.We make small and large series at customer's request.
3D printing is great for making a variety of figurines, pendants, boxes, cartridges, various spare parts, damaged parts, or parts that cannot be purchased in stores.
The cost of construction depends on the size of the object, the desired strength and complexity of the 3D model.

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Production of technical documentation

Drawing of technical drawings and documentation:

Production of technical drawings of individual parts and assemblies, conversion of drawings or drawings from paper into electronic form, drawing of drawings to 3D CAD models, preparation of accompanying project documentation.Technical drawings are made in standard CAD (AutoCAD,Inventor,DraftSight) electronic formats.

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